e design

Kimba McG Design offers three tiers of e design services, along with a 3D rendering add-on. I also offer an in person service within the Nelson/Tasman area, and am able to offer limited services to international clients on request.

All projects will be quoted, however the below serves as a price guide. I am able to customise your job based on your own needs. Documentation will be a combination of hand drawn and digital.

All projects require a 50% non-refundable deposit, with the remainder due  within 7 days of final delivery. Payments can be made by bank transfer, or for international clients, paypal.

Price Guide

Tier 1 $200/room
Styling only. Includes floorplan elevations/sections, and mood board. 1 Revision.

Perfect for:

      • someone who doesn’t need too much advice on construction or alterations, however wants some help with the end look.
      • Renters
      • New builds already under construction

Tier 2 $400/room
Styling and more complex space planning. Includes floorplan, elevations/sections and perspective drawing, and mood board PLUS an abridged materials specification sheet, recommended trades. 1 Revision.

Perfect for:

      • Renovators who want help with the layout of their home before consulting an architect or draftsperson
      • People who are struggling to understand how to use a challenging room

Tier 3 $800/room
Full style guide and space plan with 2 initial concepts including floorplans, elevations/sections and perspective drawing, mood board to be considered and developed into one final proposal. Final design will include floorplan, elevation/section, mood board, complex materials specification sheet, recommended trades with some guidance about building code compliance, and 2 revisions.

Perfect for:

      • People who fit into tier two AND
      • Don’t really know what their style is
      • Would like a full shopping list for their space
      • Need help understanding and navigating the building code and consent requirements

3D Render additional $300/room

This feature involves the production of a complex 3D model in software specifically designed for this purpose.  This is recommended for those who wish to see a realistic representation of how the final space will look.

Please note:  Renders are not able to be 100% fully accurate representation of accessories and furniture due to 3D model availability. I will do my best to find the most similar styles of furniture and accessories possible when creating your image.


The below proposal is an example of a simple $200 proposal – One room (kitchen) with floorplan, elevation, and mood board

200 example 1


The next is an example of a complex project involving two main rooms, which was quoted at $2200. This included one concept instead of the two included in the tier 3 structure, however in lieu of this incorporates two adjacent spaces to the main project (which were the kitchen and bathroom). 3D renders are included for both of these spaces.

2200 example 2

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